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August 27th, 2011

we are now in lake Como; nearly at the end of our week here. I think we have all overcome the initial disappointment regarding the apartment. We were so looking forward to somewhere nice to stay put for a week and to wash some clothes. To say that the apartment has a style of it’s own is an understatement! However I could over look the disgusting tapestry pictures of cats and cat porcelain figures if we had comfortable beds and a washing machine. This place is really not worth what we are paying and not what the advert led me to believe.

We are very high up in the mountains which means that we have good views but the drive up and down is very scary; I just pray that there are no Italian drivers coming around the bends at speed and largely panic if there are.

The area is very beautiful and we have found ourselves getting very lazy as the week goes on. There was talk of a boat trip but we have failed to get organised enough to be there for 10am each morning. We have managed to explore some of the area, which is stunning, but are struggling to do much other than sit by a pool, read books, have a drink or ice-cream and repeat the process until it is time to sort our evening meal.

We have become a very effective team, my youngest son lights the hob ( as the rest of us manage to burn ourselves) and makes me coffee, the eldest is head chef and I clear up. Seems to be working very well as we clearly all understand our own roles and get the job done between us.

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The report was very professional, it dealt with all the issues raised and was particularly thorough. It clearly took the time to fully understand all of the issues and background. It was complex but the report really helped to break it down and I’m hoping we can progress in a positive manner following the recommendations.

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