Taking The Plunge

July 25th, 2011

Welcome to my new blog which is starting at the end of one era and at the beginning of another with a rather long holiday in between!

The life and career change

My 12 years at Hugh James and almost 20 as a lawyer are coming to an end. Prior to this I was a practicing HR specialist and I am now about to launch my new business focusing on workplace mediation, leadership skills and coaching and mentoring. (For full details visit my website at www.alisonlove.co.uk  ) These are the things that I have gained most satisfaction from and am most passionate about.  In between is a six-week trip around Europe with my teenage boys (husband to follow!).


My leaving Hugh James is a bit of a wrench as I am leaving behind some fabulous colleagues.  Many have described it as a brave (possibly stupid) move. However, my main feeling at the moment is one of excited anticipation. At this point in time I am not entirely sure precisely what paths this will all take me down,  but that really does not seem to matter as I am confident that things will work out well.

I had got to the stage in my career where I could not see myself doing what I was currently doing for the rest of my working life, which (like many) seems to be stretching out further and further into the future in any event. I guess you could say that I had reached a plateau and was getting a little jaded. My main motivation was to be doing something different; something that would give me the most job satisfaction and flexibility possible and to have a new challenge.

I am already learning new skills, this blog and writing website content being examples. All my previous skills and experience are of course invaluable;  I am simply putting them to different uses or using them in different ways and context.  The upshot is that I am feeling more energised and enthusiastic about what I am doing than for a few years. I am also a firm believer that it is never too late to learn or change.

An average person now has three or four careers in their lifetime so I am making progress towards this by being about to start on my third. I am also in very good company, before he taught himself how to paint, Vincent Van Gogh was an art dealer, schoolmaster, student priest, and missionary.

I am calling this a mid-life re-evaluation ….. watch this space!

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  1. Simon Cox says:

    Go Ali!
    More power to your elbow……………Hope you have a great trip. I will be eagerly watching the space over the next few weeks1
    Best wishes,

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